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YAMAHA and KAWAI pianos are best best selling and most teacher recommended piano model ever made. We have pianos all original and in barely-used condition inside and out with decades of useful life ahead of it. They combine high performance and an affordable price into one irresistible packages.

ROLAND HP 603-EXCLUSIVE-give us a offer

SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling for a Rich, Living Piano Sound 

Press a key on most digital pianos and you’ll hear a recording of a piano note. But a SuperNATURAL Piano works differently, using the latest modeling technology to recreate, rather than replay, the sound. The unique modeling process spans the entire sound creation process of a typical piano including the combination of notes played, their resonance and the way in which the piano’s many elements interact with each other. The result is a rich, complex sound – complete with overtones – that actually changes in response to the way you play; something impossible to achieve when a piano uses samples. It’s the difference between just listening back to a recording or actually being there yourself.

SALE PRICE:    $2495

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Hire: $ 155 per/month 

PRICE: $5995


INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC .Children should be given opportunity to pursue things they show interest in. If music one of these, encourage it. Not only will you help your child’s gift blossom, you’ll help promote memory and language development. The younger the quicker too. Research shows playing piano enhances our spatial-temporal reasoning- a skill that helps with puzzles, geometry, fraction and ratios. Instruction in musical skills also helps develop in other intellectual areas, such as math and complex reasoning. Students who is play an instrument enhance many aspects of academic performance.We all know that music provides mental gymnastics through the learning of its symbol system, plus it increases creativity. Anything you can do to enhance the creativity of your children is certainly worth doing.

Dr Phill (Family First)

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